Brookwood Florida provides a home for girls, diverted by abuse, neglect or family dysfunction, in which they learn to be self-sufficient and successful. With our unique four-part program the girls develop the skills, self-identity, and maturity needed to return to their families or live independently.

I was born in Bulgaria and lived in two different orphanages before I was adopted, with my sister, by a couple from Sweden.  We moved to the U.S. and life went smoothly until I was in the 8th grade.  I harbored so much anger and hate toward my parents; I started skipping school, sneaking around with boyfriends, wandering down dangerous streets in the middle of the night, and telling so many lies I began to believe them myself.  I was very depressed and hospitalized 8 times.  I left home when I was 18 and my mother told me to call a shelter or call Brookwood.  I chose Brookwood and that call changed – and saved – my life!

I have now lived at Brookwood for 9 months in the apartment on campus – the highest privilege level at Brookwood. The counselors have helped me identify things I like about myself and learn to take responsibility for my actions.  My family relationship has greatly improved- I now love myself and them, too. I work at a local hospital, and Brookwood is teaching me how to budget my earnings and save toward my independence.  Instead of becoming another sad statistic I now have a bright future for myself within my family and my community.  I thank Brookwood for helping me grow up, and showing me how good life can be when you work hard and stick with it.


Current Brookwood Resident

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