The Brookwood Difference

Founded in 1927, Brookwood Florida provides a unique, life-changing residential program for non-pregnant, non-addicted, at-risk girls between the ages of 13 and  21. The agency typically serves between 100 and 110 girls per year who have suffered abuse, neglect, homelessness and serious family dysfunction. The overall goal of the program is to help prepare the girls to become self-sufficient and self-supporting adults, and work toward family reunification when feasible. Girls are referred to Brookwood Florida in three ways:

  • The Florida Department of Children and Families
  • Parents experiencing stressful parent-child relationships
  • Crisis and homeless shelters

Brookwood Florida’s exceptional program offers a lifeline to girls who would otherwise be prime candidates for much more costly and restrictive programs, like those the local juvenile justice system administers. Without Brookwood Florida, these girls have a greater chance of dropping out of school, becoming teen mothers, experiencing substance and alcohol abuse and even run the risk of becoming homeless or victims of human trafficking. Additionally, many residents of Brookwood struggle with mental health issues that would only be exacerbated without the support provided through the agency’s program.
Our community-based program provides 24-hour care, seven days a week, and includes three residential tiers designed to provide increasingly more independent living conditions to help our clients move steadily toward self-sufficiency and reintegration within the community.

Our Four-Part Program

Along with a safe and nurturing environment, Brookwood Florida’s four-part program includes the following key components:


Our residents are expected and encouraged to pursue their educational goals and, along with their case manager, take an active part in developing their educational plan. They are enrolled in various public schools, vocational centers, community colleges and other specialized school settings that meet their individual needs.

Employment Readiness Training

Employment preparation includes resumé-building, job skills’  training, linkage to on-the-job training and volunteer activities that increase employability.

Independent Living Training

Utilizing a Life Skills Workbook created by Brookwood Florida’s clinicians — which covers 24 essential life skills (such as communications and relationship building, time management, financial responsibility, navigating transportation systems, etc.) — Brookwood Florida’s therapeutic counselors, as well as our youth care workers, teach key independent living skills, both individually and in group form.

Mental Health Counseling

Counseling includes individual sessions, daily group therapy, and family counseling sessions when feasible.

I’m a college graduate, a wife, and a mother. I owe my ability to embrace independence all to Brookwood.


Former Brookwood Resident

It is the policy of the agency to provide equal opportunities to all clients, companions, employees, applicants, consumers and companies regardless of race, color, age, gender, national or ethic origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, political affiliation, marital or veteran status.

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