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Brookwood Florida, Inc. is an accredited and licensed residential group home for 50 adolescent girls (ages 13-18) in our St. Petersburg, Florida facility. Residents are placed by the Department of Children & Families after removal from abusive and/or neglectful home settings, or placed privately by parents experiencing stressful parent-child relationships.

Brookwood also provides shelter and care for a small population of young adult women rescued from homelessness. Program goals focus on independent living preparation, i.e., education program, employability skills, money management, and personal problem-solving. Staff-client ratios are 1:6, with staff working in teams on shifts providing 24-hour coverage. Individual psychotherapy and group therapy are provided by licensed therapists. A psychiatrist is on campus one day per week to administer psychiatric evaluations, prescribe and monitor medication, and assist in treatment plan development.

Brookwood's treatment philosophy is eclectic in nature, with the most successful modality combination being Cognitive, Behavioral, and Reality oriented. Most clients have received inconsistent parenting and were seldom reinforced for positive behavior. We attempt to dispel inappropriate behavior patterns by teaching logical decision-making and rewarding appropriate behavior.

We encourage strides towards independence and help prepare youth for emancipation. We focus on choices available and outcomes/consequences of decisions. By encouraging goal-setting and providing guidance toward their accomplishment, the atmosphere becomes a positive one for individual growth and improved family communication.

Each resident receives a minimum of two hours per week individual counseling, one hour per day in groups, and family counseling as feasible. Residents are enrolled in various public schools, vocational centers, community colleges, and other specialized school settings that meet the educational needs of our residents.

Independent living skills training is enmeshed in the level system and privilege system. Twenty-two life skills self-paced packets are utilized to this end. Recreational activities are planned with input from residents and take place after school, evenings, and weekends. Activities are diverse, appeal to a variety of interests, and expose residents to new experiences within the community.

The average length of stay varies with the client's age at placement and the family's success in treatment. Every effort is made to reunite families through comprehensive therapy and home visits. Discharge planning is incorporated into the treatment plan and assessed regularly in clinical review staffings. Brookwood is also a resource for clients in need of shelter - possibly leading to longer tenure, or for teens experiencing disrupted adoptions.

Aftercare is accomplished by phone contact, through letters, and in person. Follow-up generally lasts as long as the former resident has need. "Graduated" residents are invited to lunch periodically, visited at home or work sites, and encouraged to maintain letter/telephone communication.

Parents are contacted periodically to monitor progress and encourage communication to ward off crises. Each year, at least 200 former residents are assisted through the aftercare program. Clients can also receive financial assistance for educational pursuits beyond program completion.

The goal of this program is to assist troubled young women in developing skills, self-concepts and a maturity level sufficient enough to successfully return home or move into independent living. This is exemplified by program alumna living and functioning independently in the community and establishing healthy families of their own.

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