Brookwood Florida Board of Directors

In addition to our dedicated staff, Brookwood operates with the help of an all-volunteer Board of Directors. These individuals bring a vast range of knowledge and experience to the task of overseeing Brookwood’s work, fundraising, and activities.

Executive Committee

Cathy Schoeppler - Chair

Occupation: Realtor, Fashion Consultant
Expertise: Event Planning & Fundraising

Jessica Tonkin - Vice Chair

Occupation: Physician Assistant Age Rejuventation
Expertise: Accounting, Strategic Planning, Training, HR, Organizational Skills

Sean Goodrich - Treasurer

Occupation: Financial Advisor
Expertise: Strategic Planning, Board Leadership, Marketing

Jim Fama - Secretary

Occupation: Retired Attorney
Expertise: Law, Strategic Planning, Board Leadership, Organizational Skills


Annette Hostettler

Occupation: Travel Consultant
Expertise:  Event Planning, Marketing, Training, Organizational Skills

Martha Koester

Occupation: Retired 
Expertise:  Management

Marcy Shuck

Community Volunteer
Expertise:  Special

W. James Wilson

Occupation: Vice President
Expertise:  Strategic Planning, Fundraising, Organizational
Skills, Board Leadership

Eli Gonzalez

Occupation: Ghostwriter
Expertise: Board Leadership, Speaking  

Randy Kane

Occupation: Business Owner
Expertise: Vision,
Creativity, Web Site UI/UX
(user experience and
interface) , Sales, Public Speaking

Renee Davis

Occupation: Finance Office Administrator
Expertise: Event Organization/Planning

Julie Gardei

Occupation: Retired IT
Expertise: IT, Organizational Skills