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Brookwood has transformed the lives of thousands of girls by providing a life-changing residential program for struggling teens girls. Brookwood gives them a nurturing environment and implements structured programs and services in order to shape healthy and independent young women.

“I didn’t expect to be so inspired by them, but I immediately felt how important it was to the girls, and that’s how it became important to me. They had this raw emotion, this total honesty. It’s a certain kind of courage that they bring to the page.”

Lisa Unger, NY Times Best Selling

Four-Part Program for Brookwood Residents:

One of the main programs that sets Brookwood apart from its counterparts is its Four-Part program. Along with a safe and nurturing environment, Brookwood’s Four-Part program includes the following key components:

Brookwood’s residents are expected and encouraged to pursue their educational goals and take an active part in developing their educational plan. They are enrolled in various public schools, vocational centers, community colleges, and other specialized school settings that meet their individual needs.
Employment Readiness Training
Employment preparation includes resume-building, job skills training, linkage to on-the-job training and volunteer activities that increase employability.
Independent Living Training
Brookwood clinicians and youth care workers teach key independent living skills, individually and in a group format. A “Life Skills” workbook covers 24 essential skills, which is reviewed periodically with the residents. The workbook reviews critical life skills such as communication and relationship building, time management, financial responsibility, navigating transportation systems, etc.
Mental Health Counseling
Therapeutic services include individual counseling sessions, group therapy, and family counseling when feasible.

7-Tier System of Independence:

The level system is Brookwood’s method of teaching the teens that privileges and responsibilities go hand-in-hand. As they progress through the levels, they are rewarded with more freedoms and tasked with more responsibilities. Practicing new skills, mastering “Life Skills workbooks,” and exercising mature decision-making, are all steps toward the independence they crave.

New Resident Services:

Although girls come to Brookwood in a myriad of ways, residents are referred to Brookwood primarily in one of the following manners: (1) Florida Department of Children and Families, (2) Crisis Shelters, or (3) Families experiencing stressful parent-child relationships. Potential new residents can complete the New Resident Application and the New Resident Financial Statement.

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For more information, please contact the Program Director at 727.822.4789.