Brookwood Florida Leadership

Dee Monje

Executive Director

In the past 32 years here at Brookwood I have worn many hats. I started as a Youth Care Worker while working toward my Bachelor’s Degree at USF. I knew very quickly that I had found the place that I was meant to be, doing what I was meant to do. As my role and job descriptions changed, I was able to gain the knowledge needed in order to continue the quality services and treatment that Brookwood has always provided our residents.

Through our life-changing program encompassing education, job skills training, life skills and therapeutic counseling our girls are no longer powerless victims of abuse and neglect. These girls are resilient and powerful young women that are looking forward to the rest of their lives.

When asked to share a success story, I am quick to acknowledge that every girl that leaves our program is a success story in some way. Even though they have overcome horrific abuse, they may be the first in their family to graduate high school; able to maintain a healthy relationship with their partner; raising their children free of abuse; employed; self-sufficient; attending college; and they are alive and thriving.

One girl recently sent an email letting us know how Brookwood changed her life. She wrote, “It is almost Christmas and I was thinking about you and Brookwood. What you did for me and do for all the girls is remarkable. I had such a huge wall around me when I came to Brookwood, but you never gave up on me…no matter how stubborn and bullheaded I was. Brookwood made me who I am today. You changed my life and I cannot express enough how grateful I am for all of you. You were the only people who never gave up! The biggest thing you taught me was to keep my big mouth shut and control my anger…, which was easily controlled by just keeping my mouth shut! I just wanted to say thank you and that I love you like a family!”

I am proud of the over 5,000 girls that I have had the opportunity and pleasure to help raise over these last 32 years.