Our Mission

Brookwood Florida, Inc. is dedicated to providing troubled teen girls with an alternative living environment and therapeutic program encompassing education, employ-ability skills, independent living training, and counseling that will prepare them for self-sufficiency or a successful family reunification.

Our Vision

At Brookwood Florida, Inc. our vision is to stem generational cycles of abuse and family dysfunction by providing the most effective therapeutic residential program for troubled teen girls in the state of Florida.

Our Difference

Founded in 1927, Brookwood provides a unique, life-changing residential program for at-risk girls between the ages of 13 and 21. Brookwood typically aids 90-110 girls per year who have suffered abuse, neglect, homelessness, or serious family dysfunction. The goal of the program is to help prepare the girls to become self-sufficient and self-supporting adults, and work toward family reunification when feasible. Girls are referred to Brookwood in three ways:

  • The Florida Department of Children and Families
  • Parents experiencing stressful parent-child relationships
  • Crisis shelters

Brookwood’s exceptional program offers a lifeline to girls who would otherwise be prime candidates for much more costly and restrictive programs. Without Brookwood, these girls have a greater chance of dropping out of school, becoming teens mothers, experiencing substance abuse, or risk becoming victims of human trafficking. Many residents struggle with mental health issues that would only be exacerbated without the support provided through

Brookwood’s 24-hour program. Privileges and responsibilities are detailed in a level-system format, teaching the teens that the two go hand-in-hand. As they demonstrate responsible behaviors, they will earn more desired freedoms.